What is the difference between white and green teas

All teas (with the exception of herbal teas) come from the same tea plant – named Camellia Sinesis plant.  It is the processing method that would then make white, green, oolong, black and pu’er teas.
Green teas come from leaves that have been slightly oxidized, while white tea comes usually from younger leaves and buds.  White teas is the actually the least processed of all teas.
Both white and green teas have a significant lower amount of caffeine in comparison to black teas. And most white teas are only as low as 1/17 of a cup of coffee!
In terms of antioxidants, because white teas are barely even processed, the anti oxidants and amino acids of the teas are the most preserved. 
No wonder why all there has been an increased popularity of white tea consumption!  When selecting a white tea, try and select a full leaf blend – this way, you can ensure that you will get all the goodness of the tea with every steep!

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