We often find that when we ask people why they don’t like tea, many will response is usually “it’s bitter”. People who say this don’t realize is that it is probably their water temperature and steeping method that creates this bitterness.

For Green, Oolong, Pu’erh and white teas, your water temperature should be under the boiling point for a perfect brew. By using boiling water, you will risk scalding the tea leaves which will cause your tea to taste bitter and astringent. If you heat the water at the perfect temperature for your tea, it will release the right levels of amino acids, flavour, sweetness and tannins.

How you should steep your tea should depend on the type of tea you are making.

We recommend the following temperatures:
75-85°C for Green Teas
87-95°C for Oolong Teas
79-90°C for White Teas

Black Teas and Pu'erhs can be steeped with hotter water temperatures from 87 to 98°C 

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